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Canada Hill

Art and Design

At Canada Hill, art, craft and design is a practical, and creative subject. Through their active participation pupils learn to explore their imagination, generate ideas, acquire skills and apply judgement. It is also a subject in which pupils develop their knowledge and understanding as well as their skills. They learn about the materials and techniques they use and about the world of art, craft and design, recognising the achievements of artists, designers and craftspeople from many different times and cultures.

Art, craft and design is a subject that gives pupils the opportunity to express ideas attitudes and values. It is a means of communication that plays a significant role in our lives and which pupils will have used from a very early age. It develops and encourages critical and creative thinking. As such it lends itself readily to enriching, extending and consolidating learning in a variety of curriculum contexts.

We regularly use the subject to contribute to cross-curricular programmes and to various events and activities in the school calendar. These opportunities support learning in art, craft and design.

The knowledge, skills and understanding that are necessary to make appropriate progress in the subject are developed systematically. Pupils are given sufficient time to develop mastery of skills and opportunities to create learning outcomes, which are then celebrated on displays in the school and out in the wider community.

Art, craft and design is a subject that engages with pupils’ imagination and which values originality. It provides opportunities to celebrate and explore feelings and ideas expressed by pupils and by the artists, designers and crafts people that are studied. Therefore we ensure that our teaching takes place in an environment that celebrates innovation and is sensitive to personal feelings, values and attitudes.

Drawing is fundamental to learning and expression in all aspects of art, craft and design. Drawing can be precise and accurate or expressive and descriptive, able to convey subtle nuances of meaning. Drawing is used to research, record and gather information from observation, memory and other visual sources. High expectations are placed on all artwork produced throughout the school, through all stages of planning and design, from initial sketchbook ideas to final pieces.