Useful Links

Useful Links

Canada Hill

The Community SupportING US

Over the oast few years fundraising has been much harder, the Friends of Canada Hill have been amazing and have still managed to put on all manner of events but we have also been very fortunate to get support from many other oragnisations. 

Local residents

During the pandemic our local residents were extremely generous and donated over 20 iPads and laptops to the school to help children who were struggling with home learning. We were stunned by their generosity. 

Community Payback

Although on hold at the moment, we have a long relationship with Community Payback and have them on site at weekends helping maintain and repair our outdoor spaces.


Darrin from our local claymining giant regularky comes in and and talks to the children about the history of the mine workings. Last year they also came in and cut a load of trees back for us and in Autumn 2021 they will be replacing our long-standing pond with a puddled clay pond as part of our Environmental Area improvements.

Newton Abbot Rotary Club

Newton Abbot Rotary Club are supporting the school by volunteering on Grounds Days and funding equipment for children

Abbotskerswell Cricket Club

We have strong links with the local cricket club and will be reinstating our summer coaching programme with coaches form the club coming into the school. 

The church

Our local parish are always extremely supportive and proactive in helping us deliver our RE Curriculum and always bring the subject alive when we visit any of our local churches

The Parish Council

We have strong ties with the Parish Council who were very supportive during the COVID lockdowns and hleped us provide support to our families who were hardest hit by the pandemic.

The Helen Foundation

The Helen Foundation have given us support for many years by fubnding our Bi-Annual Arts Week in school and more recently funding our Field of Hope project which saw 450 clay daffodils - which were handmade by every child and adult in the school and members of the wider community - planted as an art installation on Ogwell Green to celebrate the end of the 2nd lockdown, giving everyone a sense of hope for the future. During this project the Helen Foundation also paid to get our school kiln back up and working.

The Norman Family Charitable Trust

Have kindly donated £2500 towards a new Timber Trail on the school grounds. 

The Gibbons Charitable Trust

Have kindly donated £750 towards our new Timber trail

The Ninevah Charitable Trust

Have kindly donated £2500 towards our Environmental Area improvement project