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Canada Hill


At Canada Hill we have used the Wokingham ICT Medium term plans to provide a backbone to our computing curriculum over the past few years. However, the subject changes extremely rapidly and our main aim is to ensure that we keep up with the advances in technology, software, and E-safety threats so that we can best prepare our pupils for the years after leaving our school.

We currently follow the SWGFL medium term plans for our E-Safety curriculum, which is taught right across the school. The SWGFL ideas are linked to Common Sense Media, which means that they are regularly updated and keep us up to date with the most important issues. We offer Radicalisation training to Year 6 parents before their children leave Canada Hill.

The rest of the curriculum tries to balance the direct teaching of ICT skills alongside their use to enhance the rest of the curriculum. We value ICT that works and currently maintain an ICT suite of 34 PC towers, along with 40 Windows Surfaces that work on our WiFi network. We have also recently invested in sets of iPads for each class to further enhance the use of ICT to support the rest of the curriculum.

Our Computing curriculum also seeks to balance and if possible merge the teaching of programming; multimedia presentation, and office programs as these are the three key areas that we feel the children will need to become confident in ready for secondary school.

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