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Canada Hill


“Mathematics is a beautiful, open, creative, and multi-dimensional subject” –

At a Canada Hill we believe that children should not only understand their maths but should be able to explain it, apply it and represent their understanding in different ways.

It is imperative that pupils make rich connections across all key mathematical ideas to develop their using and applying skills, which continues to beat the heart of all mathematical teaching and learning. This is to be achieved by developing their:

  • Fluency
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.

We follow the Kangaroo Maths scheme of work that embodies the 2014 National Curriculum but also offers teachers clear guidance on providing opportunities for children to deepen their understanding. We also follow a clear overview plan for the teaching of mental calculation methods. The NCETM booklets on mastery in mathematics are also used to help teachers give age appropriate challenge within lessons.

At the start of each unit of work children are given an elicitation task that allows teachers to change class groupings to reflect children’s understanding in the particular unit. Children are then given appropriate support or challenge throughout the unit and groupings remain fluid. Teachers assess pupils understanding throughout lessons and encourage students to move on to more challenging questions if they feel they have mastered the task they are doing. All children are given access to the hardest problems. In each unit children are asked to explain their understanding either spoken or in writing/diagrams.

To support children’s understanding of mathematics teachers use manipulatives to model abstract concepts and pupils are given opportunities to explore concepts using the same equipment, Some of the key manipulatives used across the curriculum are

  • Numicon
  • Polydron
  • Multilink Cubes
  • Bead strings
  • Counting sticks
  • Dienes Blocks
  • Interactive Whiteboard programs and iPad apps
  • The Singapore bar method
  • Role play

Whenever the opportunity arises maths is taught practically and is reinforced and used to reinforce other subjects.

At Canada Hill we value the importance of spoken language in pupils’ development in mathematics and teachers ensure that pupils build secure foundations by using discussion to probe and remedy their misconceptions.