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Letter From the David Cameron

Year 5/6 receive a letter from the Prime Minister!

 Earlier this term, as part of our ‘Talk for Writing’ work, our three Y5/6 classes (Ash, Larch and Rowan) finally discovered the hidden treasure chest of the last Incan Emperor: Tupac Amaru. The chest was delivered to the school by a Government Agent who then thanked the children and gave them a bag of 100 gold doubloons, one of 500 bags discovered in the chest. They also found some strange rocks and a Stone Age axe head. The Agent also left behind a letter from the Prime Minister thanking the children for their hard work in finding the hidden chest...or so it seemed.

 Throughout the year the children have been involved in an ongoing story in which they were trying to find a missing Talisman that would unlock a missing chest that belonged to the Incan Emperor, Tupac Amaru and this was actually the elaborate ending to the children’s adventure.   This exciting adventure had started with the discovery of a mysterious ancient map and poem, shortly followed by video messages from a mysterious gentleman and his Time Detective Agency. The children were given countless missions helped by Time Blenders which appeared in classrooms and machines that allowed them to travel back to the Victorian era. Over two terms, the children solved murders, mysteries, wrote fake diary entries for Lord Shaftsbury, ventured through the fossil record, deciphered clues hidden within census data, pieced together hidden letters and artefacts and learnt forensic techniques all in the search for five pieces of a silver talisman key which would unlock the hidden Incan Chest, which was eventually discovered at Torquay Museum, having been originally 'discovered' at Kent's Cavern.

 This project was only successful due the hard work of their class teachers along with support from Wade ICT, Killerton House, Morwhellham Quay, Torquay Museum and some local volunteers who took part in the various secrets.

 After the Government Agent left the building, the Year 5/6 teachers finally admitted to the children that the whole story was made up, and explained the idea that they had created an overarching narrative which would add excitement to the curriculum. They then had a question and answer session with the children, and it was clearly decided that the children in Year 5 would like another Umbrella Narrative next year, as they really enjoyed this year’s learning journey. The children were also given one gold doubloon each as a memento of the story; they were only slightly miffed that it is not real gold!

 However, the one thing that was not a fake was the letter from David Cameron. When contacted by the Year 5/6 team, he was keen to join in the Umbrella Narrative idea, and was happy to send a letter thanking the children for finding the chest.