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Maths Day Success

Maths Day: February 2014

 On Monday 3rd February, we had our 8th annual whole school Maths Day, when we celebrated all things mathematical!   As in previous years, we were able to place mathematics in a wider context, as well reinforcing the idea that maths can be fun, with lots of problem solving activities being carried out throughout the school.   This year we asked the children to make a Maths Bag at home to bring into school.  The bags were absolutely amazing and we were all very impressed with them. The children enjoyed sharing their very creative bags in their Family Groups at the end of the day.  Many bags had been made to link in with the various mathematical topics that had been explored during the day:

Maple and Oak:  maths activities linked to their current space theme and the delightful story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy.

Holly, Elm and Willow: maths activities linked to their term’s topic on castles.

Beech, Bay and Cedar: maths activities linked to their term’s topic on ‘Tomb Raiders’

Rowan, Ash and Larch: maths activities linked to their term’s topic on Volcanoes. 

Singing assemblies also had a very mathematical theme with some fun maths songs being sung!

A huge thank you goes to everyone for making such amazing maths bags.  I wonder what you will all be asked to make for our 9th Maths Day!!