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Music Club

23rd May 2013

 On the 23rd May, our wonderful Music Club walked into town to sing 6 songs along with 7 other Primary schools from Newton Abbot around the Clock Tower.   We sang brilliantly and really enjoyed ourselves.  We were very lucky with the weather:  the sunshine must have enjoyed our singing too!  The 6 songs that we sang were chosen by the Music Co-ordinators of the Primary Schools and were:

  1. Count on Me
  2. Fireflies
  3. Gospel Medley
  4. Sing
  5. I wish I knew how
  6. I’m gonna be your friend.


On the way back to school we enjoyed 15 minutes at Bakers’ Park as a treat!

 Look out for our Music Club at the following events this term:

  •  Holbeam Mill Duck Race: Saturday 8th June at 2.00
  • Canada Hill Music Evening: Thursday 27th June at 6.00
  • FCH Summer Fair: Friday 28th June at 5.00
  • HighweekVillageFair: Saturday 13th July at 2.30