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Whole School Maths Day

 Once again we celebrated all things mathematical at our annual whole school Maths Day just before we broke up for our half term break.

 This year all the children were given a small white box (similar to a match box) and were asked to fill it at home.  Our youngest children were asked to fill them with as many different things as possible (some children managed to fit in more than 30 different items into their box!); our Year 3/4 children had to find something very heavy to fill their box with and our Y5/6 children were asked to find something very long to fit inside their box.  As always, we were very impressed with the creative thinking that went on in trying to complete these challenges. The children enjoyed sharing the contents of these boxes in their Family Groups at the end of the day.


The maths activities that the children were involved in during the school day were based around the recently published book - ‘How many jelly beans? A giant book of giant numbers!’ Having bought 11 bags of 3kg each of jelly beans (enough for 1 bag per class!), the children had lots of fun solving a wide variety of jelly bean problems, including estimating how many jelly beans were in various containers; probability investigations; addition of the different colours of jelly beans and how many jelly beans can you pick up in a minute using tweezers.  Needless to say, we couldn’t do a day on jelly bean maths without eating some too!!  In fact, one of the challenges was how long could you have a jelly bean in your mouth without eating it – I believe the longest time was about 50 minutes!!   


Singing assemblies also had a very mathematical theme with some fun multiplication songs being sung!

A huge thank you goes to everyone for helping to make our 9th Maths Day such a success.