Useful Links

Useful Links

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E- Safety is very important, as you never really know who is on the other end of the internet, even if they say they are using a webcam.

Visit and find out more about being safe on the internet.


You could also go to Google's Interland and play games whilst learning how to become and Internet Legend


Follow the top tips below:

  • Always ask a grown up before you use the internet. They can help you find the best thing to do.
  • Don’t tell strangers where you live, your phone number or where you go to school. Only your friends and family need to know that.
  • Don’t send pictures to people you don’t know. You don’t want strangers looking at photos of you, your friends or your family.
  • Tell a grown up if you feel scared or unhappy about anything.
  • Ask a grown up to help you put the Hector's World Safety Button on your computer. This will mean you can press it if anything makes you scared or unhappy.
  • You can also call ‘Childline’ on: 08001111 to talk to someone who can help.